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We believe our work speaks louder than our words
  • Portfolio Item

    Petra Vistana Amethyst

    Show Unit
  • Portfolio Item


  • Portfolio Item

    Metrocity Sqaure

    Soho Apartment
  • Portfolio Item


    Batu Kawa
  • Portfolio Item

    Agro Bank

    Reception Area
  • Portfolio Item

    K11 Karaoke

  • Portfolio Item

    K11 Karaoke

    Karaoke Room
  • Portfolio Item

    10th Mile Kota Padawan

    Community Hall
  • Portfolio Item

    Naim Sapphire on the Park

    Show Unit's Dining Area
  • Portfolio Item

    Wellbest Excellence at MetroCity Matang

    Training Centre
  • Portfolio Item

    Senari Synergy

    Conceptual Design for Office
  • Portfolio Item

    Sarawak Energy

    Exhibition Area
  • Portfolio Item

    Sarawak Energy

    Conference Room
  • Portfolio Item

    Veil Gallery

    Ceiling Design
  • Portfolio Item

    Yen Xiang Bird Nests

    Reception & Packaging Area
  • Portfolio Item

    P'Residence Yaker East

    Master Bedroom
  • Portfolio Item

    Harbour View Hotel

    Hotel's Interior
  • Portfolio Item

    CKH Realty Group Office HQ

    3rd Floor Meeting & Conference Area
  • Portfolio Item

    David Chong, Angela & Co.

    Main Entrance
  • Portfolio Item

    Private Residences

    Director’s Room
  • Portfolio Item

    K Plus Hair Salon

    Modernity with hints of nature
  • Portfolio Item

    3d Simulation

    Private Residence


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CT Design was founded in the year 1999 and is an established Malaysian company in interior and architecture design based in Kuching, Sarawak.


A team of talented and passion-driven designers with more than 25 years of experience


We bring simplicity and modernity in our designs to our clients, ensuring that a perfect storyline and theme is well-crafted for our clients to imagine and marvel about.

Consultancy services

Interior Architecture Design, Conceptual Development, Space Planning and Project Management; all right in front of your doorstep.


We don't just do residential and commercial projects, we've got it all! Corporate, Retail, Institutional, Hospitality, Landscape Designs and even Private and Government sectors.


Among 600 participants, we earned ourselves a spot in the Malaysia Top 6 Best Designs in the Residential Category!


Did we also mention that we were featured in selected interior design magazines too for our outstanding achievements?


To be a respectable interior architecture design consultancy firm delivering excellent services and ensuring dreams become reality.


To ensure that our clients' requirements are always met in terms of budget, time and ideas whilst collaborating with professionals, developers, architects, engineers, quantity Surveyors and contractors etc. in order to achieve our goals with flying colours.

  • Satisfied. A great minimalist design for my restaurant
    Aisyah Osman
  • I never was a greater artist than now.
    Mr. Soh
  • I am happy, my dear designer. Kopi is on me this time.

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Principal Designer : Ks Tan

HP: +6012 - 8877911

T: +6082 - 411769
F: +6082 - 411759

@: kstan7988@gmail.com

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